At Stockpair, we understand that each trader has his own trading style and needs, so we have created four different Premium Accounts plans.

Your Stockpair account will be automatically upgraded to one of the accounts below once you reach the required deposit level.

Click below to receive more information on the available accounts.

Silver Gold Platinum VIP
Minimum deposit 1000 5000 20000 50000
Trade expert
Trade control
Trading Indicators
Maximum position 1000 6000 10000 20000
Maximum total positions 6000 18000 60000 100000
Monthly cash back 0.5% 1.0% 2.0% 3.0%
Minimum monthly volume for cash back 10000 25000 50000 100000
Cash back volume limit 75000 75000 150000 500000
Minimum balance for benefits 800 2000 8000 20000

Strategy Training

There are many different ways and strategies to trade Binary and Pair options. To help you learn how to trade according to the main strategies, your account manager will contact you and explain the main strategies & how to identify potential trading ideas according to them.

Trade Control

An online feature that enables you to manage your risks automatically without being 24/7 on the platform. Set the minimum amount you are willing to lose and the maximum amount in which the system will sell the option for you.

Personal Trade Expert

The personal trade expert is a senior analyst. The personal trade expert will go over your trades, analyze them and give you feedback and advice on how to maximize your profit.

Volume Cash Back

In order to receive the volume cash back you need to trade in volumes above your Premium Account requirements (see table). Volume for CashBack will be based only on Binary Options trades. Special terms apply.

Minimum Balance

In order to be eligible for a plan you need to have a minimum balance in your account.

Market Review

Every week you will receive our Market Review into your inbox. The Market Review includes market recap, potential trading ideas and when available a financial forecast.

How do I join a Premium Account?

You will be associated to one of the Premium Accounts according to your deposits. As you continue to deposit, your account will be upgraded and you will receive more benefits.

How do I know my Account status?

You can see your Account status in the upper right corner next to your name or when entering "my account".

Can I upgrade my account in the middle of the month?

Yes. Your account will be automatically upgraded when you reach the minimum required deposit.

Stockpair's Premium Trading Accounts:

  • Silver Trading Account: The Silver Trading account enables you to trade with advanced trading tools such as the Trade Control.
  • Gold Trading Account: The Gold Trading Account is suitable for traders who are serious about their Binary options account and want to use the right tools and benefits.
  • Platinum Trading Account: The Platinum Trading Account is for experienced traders who would like to receive more out of trading. This binary options account includes strategy training.
  • VIP Trading Account: Stockpair's top tier VIP trading account is for clients who trade high volumes with the best trading conditions possible in their binary options account.

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