Trading with Stockpair's Binary and Pairs Options are based on over 100 currencies, indices, commodities and stocks, which are traded on the world’s leading financial markets.

In this section you can view in detail Stockpair's platform trading hours, based on different exchanges and markets. Also, the list of all underlying assets that will help you identify the symbols, their base markets and their FP symbols.

Stockpair Asset Index

The Stockpair Asset Index covers all the assets that are traded on the Stockpair platform. The Asset Index provides you with the trading hours and exchange or market affiliations of each of our Binary Options and Pairs underlying assets.

Stockpair's Trading Rules

Stockpair's trading rules are set to enable Options trading at the highest professional level. We encourage traders to familiarise themselves thoroughly with these rules before trading. To see Stockpair’s trading rules simply visit the Trading Rules page.

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