KIKO Options – You don’t have to choose an expiry time

KIKO options are a new and simple trading instrument in which the trader predicts which of the upper or lower price targets (barriers) the asset price will hit first.

  • If it first hits the price target that the trader has chosen (Knock-In), the option will expire "In the Money" (ITM) and they will receive a payout.

  • If the asset price first hits the opposite price target, the option will expire "Out of the Money" (OTM) and there will be no payout.

  • There is NO set expiry time. This means that the trade will continue until the asset hits one of the barriers.

The advantages of trading KIKO Options

  • High Payouts – up to 80%

  • No Expiry – no need to choose a duration and commit to a time frame

  • Simple and Intuitive - easy to use and easy to learn

  • Controlled Risk - the payout is shown when entering a trade, no margin calls or leverage

  • No Commissions or Hidden Costs - what you see is what you get

  • Variety of assets  - choose from a large array of assets to trade on

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